News Posted 23 May

Dementia Support Information Day Event

Yesterday we had the pleasure of attending the Dementia Support Information Day. It was great to meet some new people and hear all about the incredible organisations we have in our county offering people hope and support.

We also got the opportunity to meet the Mayor, Becky Wall.

Becky has a huge passion for good causes, helping and supporting the residents of Shrewsbury, and in particular the residents in her constituency in Battlefield. And she will continue this in her Mayoral Year with helping and supporting the residents of Shrewsbury Town.
Becky is also a huge fundraiser and has been involved with charities since 2001. She has to date raised £86,500 for local charities including Severn Hospice, Hope House, SSAFA, Dogs Trust and many others.
For her Mayoral Year Becky has chosen two categories – Diabetes UK and Guide Dogs for the Blind. Both Charities being close to her heart as having diabetes herself she almost became blind.
Becky can be best described as resilient, determined and caring.
She wants her Mayoral year to be about care in the community and particularly accessibility around the Town for the disabled. She has unfortunately recently found herself being a wheelchair user and has experienced first-hand the difficulties of getting around the Town in a Wheelchair. She wants to change this and will work hard to make getting around Shrewsbury Town Centre a lot easier for the disabled and infirmed.

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