Mayor Of Shrewsbury Award 2022

We are so pleased to announce that Shropshire Mental Health Support Staff & Volunteers won the Mayors Community Award 2022.

Shropshire Mental Health Support, like the rest of the world did not imagine the enormity of the pandemic when lockdown first began. Our team of staff and volunteers sprang into action quickly to make sure we could run our services efficiently, ensuring our visitors are treated with respect and provided with the quality care required. We know we are a lifeline for some of our users so it was of upmost priority to make sure we could continue to look after our visitors at this time. Although our daily drop-in centre could not be attended in person due to Covid Guidelines, we quickly adapted our service and offered extensive telephone support with our team stepping up to help to make sure people under our care were contacted daily to support them through this tough time.

With our services being in demand even more so than usual during Covid we have expanded dramatically over the last 2 years with new services such as our Bereavement and Sudden Death support service, Outreach Support Worker Service, Emergency Department Service & Trauma Risk Management Service.

We as a team have faced so many setbacks during Covid, but we have faced them head on and will continue to do so.

A big THANK YOU to all our team for your hard work and dedication.

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