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Nikita’s Half Marathon Challenge in Aid of Shropshire Mental Health Support

We want to Thank Nikita for choosing to support Shropshire Mental Health Support by running the Manchester Half Marathon in memory of her brother.
Wishing you the best of luck with your training! No doubt you will smash it!!
Nikita’s Story
Right a little about myself & my family…
My name is Nikita Lawrence and I am just one of 8 siblings, Seven brothers & myself. We all have our own different personalities from being the funny ones, the silly ones, the loving ones, the sore losers
and even the moody one (That one being me).
My little brother Tom was the baby, I say the baby because he was the youngest sibling. Tom was 28 years old and was the light and shine within our family & friends. I loved my brother deeply & sadly
in 2021 we lost the best part of us in the worst way possible after he took his own life.
Tom suffered from mental health in which we never picked up until it was too late. My heart hurts every day and he his forever in my thoughts, But I know he is in a better and happier place now.
So ever since the worst day of our life some of my brothers decided to come up with a few ideas to help raise money for mental health awareness. After seeing what they have achieved it has motivated me to do something I never dreamed I could do and that is a half marathon followed by a full marathon a few months later. I am an overweight woman who never stepped foot in a gym until now. So for the past three months I have been working myself tireless with my personal trainer Kim who is going to whip me into shape ready
for my half marathon in September 2023.
My aim is to raise money for the charity Shropshire Mental Health Support in hope the funds
can help the people suffering in silence like Tom did.
I hope I Will do you proud Tom, Much love Nikita xxx

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